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Pure Bluetooth mice are hard to find


Bluetooth Mice – C’mon C’mon

Bluetooth has been around for over a decade. Yet 99% of the mice on the market need USB dongles. Foolish manufacturers make hundreds of non-bluetooth mice.



Why is Bluetooth so important?

A few reasons

  • Those of us lucky enough to have high end laptops and travel with several devices may run out of USB ports and don’t want to have to carry a hub. My MBPro Retina only has 2 USB ports and when I travel I use both before a mouse enters the picture
  • USB ports share bandwidth – a mouse and other USB devices slow down data transfer on USB attached storage
  •  I don’t like dongles. I switch my mice between several machines and tend to lose them.


1890999_10152219618935817_1421995441_n 1890s-Science-Woman

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse – Good, Bad, Ugly

Microsoft to it’s credit makes a BT mouse or 2. Of course it makes several dozen (in fact 100+) USB dongle mice. Tsk Tsk. Mac makes Bluetooth only mice and bundles with their hardware but I am not an Apple mouse fan. I use anything but an Apple mouse on my Mac. But it is not without its problems that I hope are fixed in next version:

  • It is big and bulky compared to every other MS Mouse. Anyone coming from a standard size mouse will be uncomfortable for a few days.
  • Right click just does not work sometimes.
  • To save battery it disconnects when idle. Sometimes it never re-connects.
  • It does not do sideways scroll on the scroll wheel.

Yet to Microsoft’s credit it is a pretty mouse I use everyday on my Mac – because every other MFR but Apple has few pure bluetooth meeses.




Microsoft Fails

MS made a few mistakes in the mouse and software stack

  • Desktop motherboards don’t have Bluetooth. Ouch. MS and Intel its the 20th century.
  • Of their 100+ Mice almost none do bluetooth, and none do sideways scroll wheels
  • Most of their mice don’t do multi-touch…

women-computing-hedley-lamarr-bluetooth women-computing

Hedy Lamarr and Bluetooth

This beautiful starlet was brainy too!


If you know of good Bluetooth only mice let me know



Dvorak keyboard – my favorite

Dvorak beats Qwerty for faster typing with less wrist strain

I love my Dvorak keyboard layout.


It helps me type faster and reduce wrist strain.

Just say no to Qwerty, read up on Dvorak

Dvorak has a devout following. Randy Cassingham has written a decent overview.

Keyboards I use and love

On Windows I use my Matias dual labelled keyboard.


I also used a Type matrix Dvorak keyboard in the past. Mostly because of it’s compact size and wanted to try a straight up/down keyboard with no diagonal reach.


On the MacBook Pro Retina I can use my laptop keyboard as Dvorak without an external keyboard, thanks to!


Read up on Ergonomic Keyboards

If you have a passion for ergonomic keyboards of all types you owe it to yourself to visit: