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The birth/rise of the PC, redefines past machines as a BC

Many people are calling this the Post PC era. I can’t agree.


Actually the past era we had large  computers (desktops and laptops) we were using as Business Computers (BCs) and also doubling as personal computers (PCs).

Then we got TRUE personal computers

  • Phone sized computers
  • Credit card size computers (iTouches)
  • very light Tablet computers (IPad and Android)

And in addition to that the Internet of Things (IOT) was born to supplement the World Wide Web.  With it we got devices like:

  • Music players
  • Streaming TVs
  • E-Readers
  • Watches
  • Fitness Bands
  • Google Glasses and other Wearables
  • 3-D printers

These devices assume an Internet or cloud. Assume multiple devices exist they inter-operate with. We read our Kindle books on Kindles or iPhones or Computers. We watch our NetFlix or Amazon Prime or purchased content on devices or our computer. Without the device there are ways to access our content, or on a different device. But many of these can make the claim to be Personal Computers. Consuming content is a highly personal task.