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DRAFT – E-Reader: The Kindle PaperWhite, Ebooks vs. a Tablet


Why an E-Reader?

The Kindle PaperWhite delivers the experience much closer or better to reading physical books.

  • It has a simple UI oriented towards reading books and buying books only.
  • My 76 year old Mom has a much easier time using Kindle PW than tablet/Kindle Fire which is a very cluttered UI.
  • The Kindle Paper White is not intended to be used to run apps or compute, just read books. The lightweight and thinness and “fit in jean pocket” size, and hold one handed form factor makes in a dream to read books.
  • The 2-4 week battery life and visibility in full sunlight means I can read books on beach while getting a tan (my tablets are washed out by glare of sun) or reading in outdoors and not need to find a charger. My phone and tablets I am constantly finding chargers (I use them a lot for non-reading tasks)
  • I also read in bed next to GF (and Tablet’s weight is not as easy for me lying in bed) and brightness of tablets disturbs my GF – the Kindle Paperwhite does not. Bright tablet screens also, like computing screens tend to aid insomnia because bright screens tricks brain about time of day. The Kindle PaperWhite ha a very mildly lit but very easy to read screen.
  • I can carry it in 1 hand and read it, and because of light weight I am less likely to drop it. This allows many reading situations that do not involve 2 hands. Waiting in line at airport gates, walking onto planes, in lines at Fast Food joints, etc. Carrying any device with both hand just feels like more of a chore and requires more focus.

Kindle-Fire-HD-vs-iPad-Mini Amazon-Kindle-Paperwhite-Black-Friday-and-Cyber-Monday-Deals

How is an E-Reader used that is different from a Tablet?

Well for starters…

  • Phones and tablets and computers have many temptations that can distract me from reading.
  • Also since I am a heavy tablet and phablet user I run my batteries down quick and need to stop using them and charge them frequently. On long flights I have been known to run down my Tablet and even my MacBook Pro Retina battery. My Paperwhite can run for weeks so I always can read it without stopping to recharge.

How is an E-Reader used that is different from Paper Books?

Many things:

  • Ability to set the print size helps me retain what I read better.
  • If I have WiFi (unless I spend a little more for the cellular option) I can buy books and read them any time of day or night.
  • When I wait at my dentist or doctor appointment (or in line at an event or waiting in airport) sometimes I use my phone hotspot to connect and buy books to start reading now or later. No spending gas heading to the books store, or inability to get a favorite book because stores do not carry it.
  • My newspaper and magazine subscriptions appear on my device without going to my front lawn, mailbox, etc.
  • If I read my newspaper or magazine outdoors the pages don’t blow away in the wind ūüėÄ
  • If I alternate between reading several books the E-Readers remembers the exact page I stopped at when I re-start.
  • If I fall asleep reading, the next time I pick up reader it is on the page I left off next time I open the book.

Hope this gives you an idea how it differs from paper books.


Why the Kindle paperWhite?

Well there are many. I think Amazon has:

  • A really easy way to carry a few dozen, hundred or thousands of books. No more big tote bag on long trips full of books.
  • the best customer service if you buy the device from them.
  • the most “likely to be here a decade from now” cloud.
  • The new Voyage (as of December 2014) is a better screen but as a version 1 device has some defects I will wait till the next version fixes.

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Why Not the Kindle Paper White?

There are reasons not to buy one. I have gathered these counterpoints from my own experiences and friends that bought and ditched their Kindle E-Readers.

  • If you are a comic book reader Tablets provide a better reading experience.
  • If the kind of magazines you buy have lots of graphics and color illustrations and diagrams Tablets provide a better reading experience for them.
  • You are not a heavy reader* so reading books on a Tablet is a “good enough” experience for you.
  • Money is tight and you can buy a Tablet OR a E-Reader, not both.

I hope his helps your decision.

* I owned 28 bookshelves of books prior to getting my first Kindle (I have owned 3, and gave away my older ones to friends or family) so obviously I fall into the heavy reader category.

How does Buying Books from “the Cloud” works?

When you sign into your Amazon account you can buy E-books (or IBooks on iPad or Google Books).

Any E-Reader you buy or E-reader app you downloaded can be attached to your account and can “see” and download any books you bought or got for FREE via the account above.

If your device is broken and you get it replaced once you associate your new device with your Amazon account you have all your books you bought in past you can see in the “Cloud” and download.

Where else can I get reading material?

If you have a Word document or PDF you can email it to a special email address you setup at Amazon and the book will appear on YOUR Kindle device.

You can download and install a browser extension so that when you want to read a web page on your Kindle, you can click a button and “send to your kindle”.

Won’t my Tablet or Phone or Phablet read E-books?

Any book I buy from Amazon Kindle store, iBooks and Google play can be read on

  • my phone
  • Kindle Fire, iPad or other Tablet
  • or Windows or Mac machine
  • Although I only do that when I forget my Kindle Paperwhite because the experience is less pleasing to my eyes and getting in comfortable reading positions.

If a Kindle E-Reader is so nice, why do you own a Tablet too?

I own tablets (iPad and Android) and I own an E-Reader (the Kindle Paper White). Many people ask me why I own both so here are my answers to that.

  • iPads and Tablets like Kindle Fire have bright screen like cell phones get washed out by sun and are bright like computer screens. The E-Ink screen¬†can be read outdoors in direct bright sunlight so different beast.
  • Paperwhite much lighter physically and thinner.
  • Kindle Paperwhite the battery life measured in weeks, not hours. ¬†These days I use “send to Kindle” browser add in and dont read articles at tablet or computer. Read on Paperwhite away from computer, tablets and distractions.

Tablets are great for Internet and Facebook and music and Movies and games and personal computing, and casual business computing. They can be used to read books, but it is one of many things they do.

I own several tablets: Kindle Fire, Nexus 10 and iPad. The iPad has the most apps and the smoothest UI. In fact my girlfriend replaced her Kindle Fire with an iPad because many apps she wanted are just not available on Kindle. She is a gamer and too many of her favorite games are iPad only. I don’t game on any of my tablets, but many of the apps I love are only available on iPads or if available on iPad and Android are better.

If you get an E-Reader, enjoy… Hope this helped – Chaz