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Embarcadero Rad Studio: What the Heck Is It?



What the Heck is Rad Studio?

Embarcadero Rad Studio which is a IDE and several Framework that allows you to write one set of code that compiles and runs on

  • Windows Desktop app
  • Mac Desktop app
  • iPhone app
  • iPad app
  • Android phones and Tablet
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Store 8
  • Cloud website

One Code Base for many Platforms and Devices

Yes really one code base for all those platform, yet generating native code on each. It also

  • handles WebServices and Json and connecting server databases to Tablets and Phones better than any MS tool I know
  • Integrates with Interbase an obscure but very powerful light database (very old and respected has been around over 30 years) that competes with mySQL, SQL server Compact, SQLlite in the embedded front.
  • Offers a C++ or Delphi edition (Delphi was invented by Anders Hejlsberg inventor of Turbo Pascal, Turbo Modula and C#)
    Anders Hejlsberg

I went to a 6 hour demo one Saturday in mid November 2013 and it was amazing to watch. It truly offers a really lightweight set of tools and Frameworks to build core code that runs on many platforms, then write any platform specific code or APIs as needed when the Framework does not offer something.

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Why Use Rad Studio?

  • You want quick results and you need to support more devices and platforms than Xamarin or other cross platform Frameworks support.
  • Efficiency of code size, database size, compiled code size matters, i.e. you are very old school and want your redistributables as small as possible in Disk and RAM consumption.


Why Not Use Rad Studio?

  • You are a language bigot so you think C# or Java is the ONLY language you will code in so C++ 11 or Delphi are something you just are not comfortable doing. There are cross platform frameworks for Java and C# so you are welcome to go that way. I plan a round up of them soon in a future blog entry.
  • Some people despite the power and elegance of Interbase may feel SQL Lite or other Databases are a better choice. In that case use them, heck use SQL Server or Oracle it has superb support for client devices talking to server databases via Web Services in a very easy way. Even can generate the Web Services if you are too lazy or just don’t have time to write them.
  • You think $5,000 is too much for a multi-device programming tool and would rather use open source frameworks or “roll your own”. Well if so go for it, but remember your programming time translates to a chunk of your life and high billing rates for client, so as the Japanese say “sometimes the FREE thing is the most expensive” or “some times the short cut is the long way”.

Happy Coding on all your Platforms – Charles Carroll


C++ gets some power from BOOST


Boost makes C++ easy & powerful

Where to get BOOST….
is an awesome FREE open source C++ library that truly makes C++ easier to code. i rarely code C++ without it. It features:

  • Better data types and collections like Vector (including bound checking) and many useful ways to manage object collections.
  • Regular expressions.
  • Easier multi-threading
  • Easier, Safer I/O
  • Timers
  • A rich array of math functionality
  • Hundreds of features you wish C++ had

Its part of the C++ 11 Standard now

These are so useful C++ 11 made it a standard part of the language thus officially blessing it.

DRAFT – C++ 11 is a C I can finally like


C++ 11 Rocks

Me and C++

I abandoned C++ about 2.5 decades ago. When I did write C++ I relied on Boost and great libraries and great templates and writing templates. If I used a C++ like language I would use Objective C, C# or Java.


Great C++ 11 Articles on the Web

My favorite articles:


The Best Books

Here are the best books on C++ 11:


Which IDE?

Good IDES make a huge difference.

  • Rad Studio would be my IDE of choice.
  • Visual Studio would be my #2 choice.


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