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Want to meet/find other programmers in DC Metro Area? Want to learn?


DC, MD, VA, Baltimore Coder Community

Recruiters often call me to find programmers. I suggest they visit User Groups and Code Camps. Those place- are a great place to:

  • find qualified job hunters
  • hear great speeches and learn on technical topics
  • meet recruiters who show up to network



These places are recruiter heaven and heaven for programmers who want to learn their craft even better!

A List of Coder Meetings/Events

I will update these as people tell me about ones I forgot!

The Places to find many more meetings!


  • A pretty cool way to find a lot of user groups and meetings @
  • has them all. Programming, Book clubs, Movie meetups, Comics, Crochet, Zumba, Yoga, etc. if people get together it is going down there.
  • is also a good spot I have not explored much but will be.


These are the 3 I know of please let me know about more so I can add.



Discussion Groups to find out more, post jobs, post your availability, etc.

There are email groups and web sites you can join to learn more and find other programmers



Tell us about other groups to put on this Blog!

I will add them promptly. There are several ways to tell us:

Good Luck to recruiters and job hunters and learners using these resources!

from Charles Carroll, Programmer, Software Architect, Teacher, Writer, Community Leader



Mac Questions? Great places to get them answered

Mac Help Wanted

I get my Mac questions answered a variety of places of varying quality.

You will get most of your Mac questions answered there.