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Windows 8.x – broken and never fixed?

Where to get Windows 8 help….

There are several places when I consult, I go to get Windows 8 help to help my customers.

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If you came here because your Windows 8.x is having troubles, you can stop reading here.  The rest is a deep and objective discussion about Windows 8 and Windows 10.


The Windows 8.x failure – Why It Failed…





The Windows 8.x Failure – Why it DID NOT FAIL

I hear really bogus reasons Windows 8.x failed all the time. They sound seductive but fail the tests of general semantics and critical thinking. Some fall for the bogus reasons, but here they are and easy refutes for them:

  • “You just hate learning new things.” Actually tech types love it. They just love learning the fastest, easiest way. iOS and Android are offering that.
  • If you had a touch laptop you would love it.
  • If you had a touch monitor you would love it.
  • It is the bravest thing Microsoft has ever done.
  • Just throw away everything you learned about programming to make Win 9/Metro/Modern apps


Why Windows 8? Why Windows 10?


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Why Not Windows 8? Why Not Windows 10?


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Win1-and-Win8 Windows8-idiocy

A list of really obvious Windows 8.x problems there are no answers to

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt despite what Microsoft blogging engineers and blogging IT types want you to believe.

  • TCO
  • iPad Copying
  • Android copying
  • One OS to rule them all
  • If you think these are wrong, you may want to research confirmation bias.
  • The hatred of Skeuomorphism and love of flat.
  • The embrace of ugliness and bad typography.

How bad is Windows 8?

Well there are many signs it is much worse than it’s Stockholm Syndrome cheerleaders are willing to accept via their rose colored irrational glasses:

  • People use their phone and tablet because it is easier than their PC.
  • The rising new purchase of Chromebooks and Mac OS and Hardware.
  • People are upgrading phones and Tablets both hardware and software.
  • Gifts and Prizes.

This is some hefty evidence. Only victims of confirmation bias, Stockholm Syndrome and MS Fanboy status (even ones in denial) will refute these.

But Windows is SUCH a better Corporate and Productivity OS

Ah this one sounds so good, but is easily answered with rock solid counter points.

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Don’t be an OS bigot. Bigotry is how a bunch of Christian people found themselves in White Sheets burning crosses on lawns. Now bigots are too busy leaving nasty comments on Windows 8 blogs, refusing to buy Apple devices, buying Microsoft stuff for family members that want Android and Apple, or commenting rabidly on blogs that dare to criticize the great Microsoft. Microsoft Supremacist may sound better than White Supremacist, facist, socialist, et al. but supremacy mentality combined with confirmation bias is how Joe Stalin and Grand Dragons became who they are.

Anecdotal Problems I had that discouraged me from using windows 8 full-time

I run/ran Windows 8 in a virtual machine. I have to know it to support it as a consultant and for friends and family. but I cannot bear to subject my best machine to it.

  • I had the Wifi problems everybody had.
    • No internet access while every other device (Win 7, Win XP, Mac, Android, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, iPhone) had Internet fine when connected to Wifi.
    • In a connected world not being able to access Internet from WiFi is a show stopper. Do not ship till you got this right. My Windows 8.1 is totally up to date and was bought in March 2014 so I am not an early adopter. They had several years to fix this.
    • There are fixes in fact documents 4 fixes.
  • Ugly colors. Ugly icons. Ugly typefaces. Tiny icons. Boring icons. Monochrome dialog boxes and icons.
  • Bugs. Bugs. Bugs.

The best fix to Windows 8

There are many best fixes to this.

Use Windows 10 the minute it comes out as a free upgrade to Windows 8. I like the beta-test/customer preview versions of Windows 10. I do not LOVE it like I loved past Windows because Mac OS X and iOS and Android provide me with so many things I usually count on windows for.

Use Other better products instead of Windows. Read about your options @

But then you are just an Android and Apple and Mac Fanboy! And anti-Microsoft!

Well that is a nice thought that sidesteps the legitimate issues I raise here and the massive agreement that the purchasing public and usual Microsoft cheerleaders discredit.

But read this article on Fanboys and if you still think I am after that, well I have done my best to present you with the objective truth. Even I can’t beat confirmation bias.

Hope this all helps – Happy Windowing! – Chaz