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LOST on the Island – my Novel


I loved LOST the TV show but I always wanted to write a novel that filled in some key gaps

  • Who was Whidmore and what was his staff really up to? How did the Island rules affect him?
  • What did Dharma do on it’s years on the Island?
  • What went right and wrong with the Dharma experiments?
  • How did Dharma and the others meet and battle and make a treaty? What was the treaty?
  • The “voices” and trapped spirits had what powers and limits on the mainland?
  • What did Ben and Whidmore and others do “off island”?
  • What did the Sumerians do on the Island?
  • How do “The rules” of the Island work?
  • What was the temple and it’s resurrection waters?
  • How did the lighthouse work?
  • What was Jacob’s Cabin?
  • What was Richard doing on the Island?
  • What were Ilanya and the Temple Guardians doing for Jacob and how did they interact?
  • What were the rules and rituals of OTHER society and their contact with the world?

I am working feverishly on a Novel on these very topics. Chapters to appear soon!