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Game Review – some new discoveries

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4 New/Old Awesome Games

Its one of the few things my 76 year old Mom, Girlfriend and teen kids and 20 something nieces and nephews can do together.

I run some game meetups if you want to ever join me to play @


Some Games I have enjoyed playing lately….

  • Splendor – wow! A favorite among all my gamer friends. Simple rules. Fast turns.  Great look and feel. Lots of strategy and opponent watching.
  • Compounded – Amazing game visually and strategy wise. A real blast.
  • King of The Elves – A card game that is quite challenging and fun.
  • Outpost – A Eurogame that is a blast with a lot of people.

  • 2-5 players!
  • Really easy

  • A Blast with many players!
  • Medium complexity (not as hard as Power Grid)

  • Not super easy. Not super hard.
  • Fun with 2-5 players!
  • Drop dead gorgeous!

  • Easy to learn
  • Fun with 3 or more players



What else do you play?

The short answer is a lot. Keep your eyes on 3 places to read more:

Have Fun gaming – Let me know if you play these and like or hate them
– Charles Carroll!