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Disruptive Technologies – what will happen in 2015 – 2020


My predictions for Computing Future


My prediction for the next 5-10 years really pisses people off which is my sign I have a great set of predictions this round.


MS Windows for Consumers

Consumers are using their Tablets and Phones as personal computers. And buying Macs and Chromebooks in record numbers.

  • MS-Windows has died for consumers. Only belongs to high end gamers and IT cogs/drones and stubborn programmers. Unfortunately for them they don’t control technology trends they get run over by them.
  • Android and iOS and Mac and Chromebooks will duke it out with Windows machine for personal use at first, and next in Corporate America with Windows losing at every turn.

MS Windows in Corporate America

Corporate America will be using Windows but over time will replace their Windows OS servers and server apps, and worker’s machines and software with FREE or Cheap alternatives including cloud solutions. Mostly because of TCO Issues.

  • SQL Server and Access may rule the roost now but as programmers learn and explore noSQL and SQL+ alternatives (Hadoop, MongoDB, Couch DB) that are cluster ready and dirt cheap and just more scalable.
  • Chrome and FireFox will continue to reduce Internet Explorer market share and corporations for security and feature reasons will switch and even Government offices.
  • Outlook exchange will continue to face challenges from Domain Gmail and if Google or any Cloud Vendor perfects Calendar and scheduling Outlook is ripe to be replaced on the client and server.



The Cloud

  • Cloud apps will wipe out Desktop apps.
  • iOS and Android apps will duke it out and co-operate with Cloud apps.
  • The loser here will be Windows Desktop apps.


Open Source and Linux

  • Open Source will continue the trend of FREE software, and Paid packages with support which will hurt Microsoft whose FREE software is more crippled and FREE licenses too restrictive.

Gaming Consoles

  • Consoles except for tiny ones like Vita and 3Ds will die, killed by the cloud.
  • PC games will need to become cloud based so Tablet Apps can run well on them.
  • App sales will outnumber console game sales and PC games sales by a wide margin.

Of course I will update my blog (with other blog entries I will link to) as some of these predictions come to pass, and to swallow my pride and admit which ones missed the marks.