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Umbraco CMS: Best Way to Get Started

Umbraco is a very nice Content Management System for people with lots of HTML pages that need them stored in a database, some version control and management tools. It is free, easy and requires a lot less programming than most CMS systems (DotNetNuke,, SharePoint). It has less modules compared to DNN, but if what you want is a great system to manage, edit and create 100s or thousands of HTML documents and search them rather than needing lots of modules Umbraco is for you.

Unlike some CMS systems that have very few books or hard to read or incomplete books Umbraco has an excellent book. Written by 2 Umbraco certified experts and with a copy editor who is also Umbraco certified it is all meat and not much filler. And very insightful. It covers version 4.5.2 and 4.6 but the current versions (6.x and 7.x) are similar enough that I did not find any glaring differences.

You can get a free PDF version of the WROX book here @

Or you can get a nice printed one from Amazon @