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DRAFT – Bootstrap: CSS, Open Source, Developers should use it!


What the heck is Bootstrap & why should I use it?

A way to create a site with a set of CSS styles, selectors that are well designed and well documented. Building a website becomes about learning how to use very high quality professional styles, selectors and icons instead of creating your own, and then having to maintain and document them. Too lazy to even customize Bootstrap? Templates FREE and cheap everywhere are built in Bootstrap. Build a site with Bootstrap and your site has a great foundation that is documented by 100s of sites, and tutorials abound.

I consider Bootstrap usage one of the fundamental Litmus tests for a good Web developer.

Bootstrap helps

  • Make a site usable on all device sizes (Phone, Phablet, Tablet, Retina Displays, et al)
  • Make a site accessible easier
  • It gets maintained and improved several times a year based on how websites use it worldwide? Do your home brewed CSS get improved that frequently?

Bootstrap has a lot to offer the Developer with an open mind who wants his/her work to be maintainable by many on the team or succesors.



Bootstrap Tutorials Online

These sites are the “cream of the crop” for using Bootstrap:

Be sure and share your favorite tutorial sites in the comments.


Books to learn Bootstrap

You can learn via book as well my favorite way of learning.

Be sure and share your favorite tutorial sites in the comments.


Videos to learn Bootstrap

For those who prefer to learn visually:

Be sure and share your favorite Video tutorial sites in the comments.


Why Not Bootstrap?

I am not going to sugar coat it, I find most of the arguments against Bootstrap disingenuous.

  • You hate open source. Good luck on that. Even the biggest most stubborn commercial companies embrace it (Microsoft with great fanfare, Apple with less fanfare, IBM, etc.).
  • You hate using other people’s libraries and frameworks unless made by XYZ company (Microsoft, Apple, Sun, etc.). You may not have a valid reason there, just Fanboy syndrome.
  • Because you want to use a competing CSS style sheet collection

But if you have an edge case where Bootstrap provides no value, and use it in most of your projects you probably made the choice thoughtfully. If, however, you are just making excuses not to use bootstrap on all your projects, maybe Web Development is not the career for you.

Where to get Bootstrap Questions answered?

Here are some of my favorite places:

Be sure and leave your favorite Bootstrap Q&A sites in comments so we can update the blog with them.

Bootstrap your site starting TODAY – Chaz