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Resort Fees! Why I quit using Priceline for Hotels :D

I used for years to get good hotel prices. I used the “Name your Price” option and named very low prices for hotel rooms and after a few tries got great bargains. People were staying in mediocre to bad hotels for $109/night and I was staying in high end hotels for less than $50/night in the same city. I NO LONGER USE PRICELINE EVER!

Then something changed. Some hotels introduced the concept of  resort fees essentially a daily surcharge of $10-$30 a day for parking, WiFi, Gym that is not optional. And since PriceLine is non-refundable, you cant say no. So for example show up for a room you book for $29/night then upon check-in you get told it will be $49/night ($29 + $20 resort fee).

Imagine you show up for your hotel which you pre-paid at PriceLine. Suddenly the hotel asks for $20 extra per night (7 days being $140 for example) that you never planned for and you suddenly must pay. So your hotel fee is $20 more than you expected. I used PriceLine for over 15 years and never encountered this till recently. Now I will never use PriceLine again.

This has been written about on the Web and legislation may fix it in long term IF PEOPLE COMPLAIN TO PRICELINE and let them know why we quit using them:

The problem is not only is the price much higher than promised when you named your price, the places charging resort fees usually are lousy places that cannot compete fairly. For the extra money you are paying there were “Standard Offers” from Hotels on PriceLine standard package pages or directly from nicer hotels at the price you end up paying after adding in resort fees.