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DRAFT – MindMaps really simplify tough problems


MindMaps – visualize your ideas!


What is a MindMap?


What are popular MindMap software?

There are a few:

  • XMind
  • MindJet MindMapper
  • NovaMind
  • xxxx


Cloud MindMappers

  • Cloud MindMappers exist as well (None of them impressed me so far)
  • xxx
  • xxx
  • xxx



“Roll your own” Cloud MindMapping

I just use X-Mind and a cloud drive (in my case Google Drive). I load and save my MindMap from the cloud drive. I never load and save a MindMap on my own machine EVER. Here are my tips on that:

  • xxx
  • xxx


I love MindMapping



My favorite MindMapping Software

I started with MindJet MindManager but when they did everything wrong and anti-customer for over a decade I began a quest to replace it.

I fell in love with X-Mind.

Start Your First MindMap – download XMind and get to it – Chaz