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Copying Files Fast (Windows)

Copying massive amounts of files are slow and prone to errors.

First some common sense…

There are many tools listed at including

  • Robocopy*
  • Teracopy
  • XXCopy (a good product but plagued by one unforgiveable bug that keeps it from being my favorite and the lack of a GUI is a bad point as well)
  • XXClone
  • RichCopy*
  • etc.

* Orphaned by Microsoft rather than sanely being made a first class part of their Operating System.

But my current favorite is FastCopy.Minimalist with simple UI but fast and reliable.
is as good  a place to get it as any.

It outperforms most of them and handles errors and retries well.

FAQ #1: I encountered the dreaded
GetVolumeInformation(Access is denied.5)
when trying to copy from Network path.

Answer: It does not like Network paths unless you map drives to them.  Then it copies fine.