Disruptive Technolgies – my past and present predictions

Years ago when the Technology world looked like this:

  • DOS
  • Wordperfect, Lotus, Harvard Graphics, dBase
  • Novell Netware and Lantastic
  • Netscape and Java and Beans
  • Lotus Notes
  • Gem / Ventura Publisher

I predicted that they would be taken out by disruptive technologies:

  • Windows
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
  • IE and ASP/ASP.net
  • Other cloud technologies would obliterate Lotus Notes
  • I knew DTP would die in deference to WYSIWYG Word Processing because Quark and PageMaker killed their category by over pricing.

Now I have a set of predictions for this decade that really pisses people off when they read them ….

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