Dvorak keyboard – my favorite

Dvorak beats Qwerty for faster typing with less wrist strain

I love my Dvorak keyboard layout.


It helps me type faster and reduce wrist strain.

Just say no to Qwerty, read up on Dvorak

Dvorak has a devout following. Randy Cassingham has written a decent overview.

Keyboards I use and love

On Windows I use my Matias dual labelled keyboard.


I also used a Type matrix Dvorak keyboard in the past. Mostly because of it’s compact size and wanted to try a straight up/down keyboard with no diagonal reach.


On the MacBook Pro Retina I can use my laptop keyboard as Dvorak without an external keyboard, thanks to KbCovers.com!


Read up on Ergonomic Keyboards

If you have a passion for ergonomic keyboards of all types you owe it to yourself to visit:

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