What Microsoft MUST do to survive – and will not

A lot of pundits suggest what Microsoft must do next. But they do it without deep knowledge of why Microsoft failed and how they built that failure over 10 years and longer. And  without a deep understanding of how the present and future players threaten Microsoft.

Knowing a lot about both those I offer my Microsoft suggestions that are urgent:

  • Remove DRM / Licensing Keys on all current software
  • Remove DRM / Licensing Keys on all past software
  • Provide truly FREE licenses for personal use for several products
  • Provide very cheap and toll free customer support. This would be a nightmare in first few years for them, a dream for their customers.
  • Windows 7 and 8.1 should upgrade a Windows XP or Vista and retain all programs
  • MS begin to treat their hardware and software partners like partners, not like suckers.
  • MS must expand their definition of partners
  • MS must make their software run on a first class way on Linux, Chrome, Android and IOS.

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