What I STILL love about Microsoft

Microsoft has lost my trust and respect. Almost 15 years of Ballmer did that. I love what Bill Gates did, but Ballmer spent over a decade destroying what Bill’s teams built and not adapting and out-competing Apple, Google, Amazon and a couple hundred small companies and cloud vendors so everything I do with personal and business computing is often “everything but Microsoft”. Here are the things I still love (with caveats):

  • I love some of the amazing software made by 3rd parties. ClipMate, Process Lasso, BelArc Advisor, XPLite. UltraMon, GoScreen, etc. do not like that Microsoft does not help or promote those companies. Their habit of sucking all the oxygen out of the room and only promoting paid partners is appalling.
  • I know it might not be popular but I like the Ribbon UI in Word. I do think objectively they are unfinished and unpolished and most people will never like them till they make a few core improvements. But for what I use them for, they are awesome.
  • Smart art in Word rocks.
  • The task Bar in Windows 7 is awesome.
  • WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) rocks. The fact it has no first class website like ASP.net does is a disaster 🙁
  • Windows 8 improved boot times are awesome 😀 The fat that Metro / Modern UI is there when you do boot yuck. iOS and Android got Touch UIs “good enough” – you blew it so far Microsoft. The price = yuck. Should be FREE! every other OS I use now is: Mac, iOS, Android.
  • Most of the Microsoft employees are arrogant, think they are smartest people in room, unresponsive to emails to a sociopath level, have Stockholm syndrome, post disingenuous things about competitors, and just generally hurt more than help Microsoft. But a few are easy to love: Jerry Hibbert (inventor of ASP), Joshua Trupin, Michael Corning, Scott Hanselman, Scott Guthrie and Yasser. The smarter ones already left: Omar Shanine, Mark Anders.

I wish I loved more about Microsoft. Unfortunately there is too many things to hate, and too many things to love in the Post PC World, I hope the new CEO can fix it but I seriously doubt it – he has shown no evidence he will work on the root of the problems, just the superficial parts.


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