Chess Variant: The Walking Dead


Walking Dead: Zombie Chess Variant

invented by Charles Carroll, September 2014


Pawns become Zombies

  • Pawns that die get replaced immediately. The replacements can be placed anywhere on on first 3 rows of original player’s side of board.
  • Pawns can never capture other pawns.
  • Pawns do not promote.
  • If several pawns can capture in a turn they can and must all do so. Capture sequence is from left to right.
  • Pawns move and capture as Kings. Pawn captures are mandatory.
  • Pawns can capture diagonally multiple times if the captures are contiguous, like in checkers.
  • If a diagonal capture would eliminate multiple pieces including your own pieces, the capture is mandatory.

No other changes to the game.



Testing has shown the following:

  • This will really slow down a 4 player Chess game or a 6 player Chess game.
  • Pawns are much deadlier than you can imagine in this context.

Enjoy this variant!


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