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Add-Ins & Extensions: Enhance YOUR browsing!

Must Haves

Here are the must haves to browse the web on your PC, Mac or Linux:

  • Clearly – available for the big 3. This or Readability is a must have. It allows you to right click on any page and it can strip the ads and set the whole article in a gorgeous typeface perfect for reading or printing.
  • FlashBlock – improves stability, speed and reduces memory consumption. Stops all Flash from playing till explicitly clicked on. Most browser crashes and memory leaks happen due to Flash ads and videos that Autoplay whether you look at them or not.
  • AdBlock – really cleans up the ads off the screen. More room for Facebook feeds and the like.
  • Nimbus – great for scrolling screen shots. And every other kind of screen shot from within your browser. The most important thing I need in a browser.
  • Readability instead of Clearly, if you are a Kindle E-Reader (not Tablet) owner. It allows you to right click on any page and it can strip the ads and set the whole article in a gorgeous typeface perfect for reading or printing. And it can send the whole page to your Kindle account to read at your leisure and keep the article on hand outside of a browser.
  • Lazarusavailable for Chrome and FireFox, and NOT IE (one more reason to never use IE – there are many).
    THIS ADD-ON CAN RECOVER any text you typed into a text box
    even after a browser crash, or the tab gets closed, or the web page moved away from 😀

These above are vital. They should be built into the browser. BTW Clearly and Readability was stolen from the Safari for Mac “Reader” feature.


Just say no to IE

Many reasons:

  • Internet Explorer is missing all the cool add-ins.
  • Despite Ms claim it is behind on HTML 5, SVG and all modern browsing
  • It is slow and a memory hog


Tablets and post-PC Browsers

BTW I can’t wait till iPad and Android and Metro Browsers support browser add-ins. They need to, because browsing is so much better with these, and once used to them their enhancements to the browsing experience is addicting. But to an iPads credit it has a “reader” feature so the lack of clearly is not as big a problem for it. Unfortunately Chrome/Android or Metro does not have any reader feature like I love on Safari for iPad.


Chrome Only

  • Tab Manager – if you have lots of open tabs which are way too small since Chrome does nod to multi-row Tabs (ala Tab-Mix Plus for Firefox) this IS the magic bullet rescue kit.
  • Save to Pocket – easy way to save entire web pages to read later, even offline.


FireFox Only

These 2 ad-ins and and the huge per-tab memory consumption of Chrome, are why I use it AND Chrome.

  • Tab Mix Plus! – necessary for anyone who uses more than 6 tabs (I might have dozens of tabs or 100+ so Chrome not having this is a liability.
  • Colorful Tabs – Tab Mix Plus does a lousy job of differentiating tabs. This helps.

Tab Mix Plus Vital Tweaks

However once you install Tab Mix Plus, I recommend you do some things:

  • Setup The Multi-Row Defaults correctly.

mac screenshot
Screenshot 2014-11-02 20.30.22


windows screenshot
coming soon

  • Setup Tab Display so that colorful tabs can do it’s magic.

screenshot coming soon

  • Setup the Main Menus – the default menu setup is woefully incomplete.

screenshot coming soon

  • Setup the right click menus – defaults are no good.

Coming soon – get the most out of Tab Mix+ Tutorial.

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