Tech Recruiter Meetup – 3rd Wednesday night every month


Recruiters – Learn great Tech Recruiter tactics!

Once a month I hold a speech (with Q&A) geared towards recruiters! You will learn valuable tips to do your job better!


3rd Wednesday of every month!

How Do I sign up?

Click here:


For now slightly south of Baltimore. If you want me to do it in your area email me at and provide me with a location with projector and I will travel to you.

Seasons Pizza in Linthicum Maryland,-76.663601,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x89c81d69d6245857:0x4d607618cc5ce148


Meeting Details

The meeting presents the best way to

  • Recruit talent without paying an arm and a leg on hourly rates
  • Recruit talent for hard to find jobs
  • Best technical interview strategies to find the masters, and weed out the less effective candidates
  • Finding out how to fill impossible job requirements for highly specialized computer professionals
  • Learn how C# and Java relate to each other and what will replace them in marketplace (no programming knowledge required)
  • Learn why MVC differs from WebForms and why it is hot now  (no programming required)
  • What the heck is Haddop, MongoDB, Hbase, Big Data and how are they related to SQL Server. How do I find qualified candidates.

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