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 My Community Events

Generally held in Northern Virginia, USA one can meet me and other friends and peers there:

  • User Group, Speeches, Mini-Classes – My User Group and new training company the successor to Carroll Software Training (CST).
  • My Game Club meets slightly south of Baltimore, Maryland USA. We teach the games too. We play:
    • Chess Variants
    • Eurogames, Card Games, Tabletop games, family Games, Strategy Games, etc.
    • Roleplaying Games including HeroQuest and Glorantha. Come play a great Fantasy Role Playing Game. We are teaching as you play, so even if you have never played before you can join us.

Another Lifetime Ago – ASP and communities

Yeah, in another lifetime, I made this site which was devoted to teaching beginners Classic ASP and In the 90s and early 200 it made it to #1 worldwide for ASP and was 24,000 unique viewers daily and 160,000 page views daily. I gave up updating it in 2002 and parted ways with Microsoft for many reasons. Gates ran a great Microsoft. Ballmer ran a corrupt Microsoft into the ground (which gift-wrapped Apple, Amazon, Google and everyone else usher in the post-PC era) that mistreated all it’s community and commercial partners and punished all those who spoke out for better treatment.

I also

  • created in 1998 and gifted it to Steve Smith in late 90s.
  • Created (let domain expire and closed in 2002) which I took from zero messages to 19 million messages per month and tens of thousands of unique subscribers. Many aspects of the Forums (i.e. names like [AspFreeForAll], a moderation tool they cloned and improved from one I invented for Lyris) are exact copies of AspFriends.

I code in MVC and professionally focusing on Cloud Applications, and am a Software Architect and am releasing some Open Source libraries in 2015. I am however over time transitioning to programming iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android apps.

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