Affiliation / Recognition :D


An award I won for a speech in Arizona at first AspConnections conference. I delivered the keynote.

mensa wewantbrainstee

I am a member of Mensa.

My first son Cameron Charles Phillips got into Mensa at age of 6. I, being a late bloomer, got in when I was 20 something.


I am an Embarcadero MVP. My 2 favorite products they make are:

  • XE5 Rad Studio
  • Data Architect


I was the very first ASP MVP in mid 90s.

I was the very first MVP in early 2000s.

I resigned my MVP status and gave up the perks because of my great disappointment in how Microsoft ran the MVP program. They brought in many snarky anti-user types with high tech skills and denied entrance to some great people by omission as well.


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