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This blog is to share my ideas and tutorials about technology to make you into a Tech Superhero.  Here is a list of good starting blog entries I know you will enjoy.


Coming soon…

  • samples of my upcoming books: chapter excerpts and early drafts.
  • Occasional essays about the more interesting aspects of my life I think others can learn from.

I hope all my readers will enjoy or learn from it.  If you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it, it will be a success. And hope when I vent something painful emotionally it tugs at your heart strings like it affected me.


A Living Blog

Most people blog as if the Web were a paper book or newspaper. Our blog is different:

  • Articles get revised and expanded (and occasionally broken up when they grow too big) in response to comments on the blog.
  • If new information arrives on the web to enhance our articles, we will add/revise/alter it.
  • When information becomes dated and obsolete, we will label it as such BUT NOT DELETE IT. And not break the bookmarks try to keep it from interfering with finding the more timely entries.



Please Comment, Comment & Comment…

And when you comment, please:

  • Comment politely even if I am a billion % wrong and you need to tell me that. Call my opinion wrong, insane or backwards just don’t insult me or other people who comment. My ego and my opinion are separate, I am fine with any attacks on my ideas and opinions as strongly worded as you are willing to be! Rudeness to me or other people commenting is never OK.
  • Email me any time you want to say something privately to me @
  • If you have an idea you want to express that fits in well to this blog (even a counterpoint to something I have written that attempts to prove me wrong) ask to be a guest blogger… The answer is almost always YES!


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