About Me…

My name is Charles Mark Carroll


I am:

  • a Dad to 3 (2 boys, one girl) you can read about my family here
  • as of this writing 50 years old
  • A programmer in many languages, platforms and database back ends
  • a Crazy Cat-Guy fur kid dad with way too many cats
  • Software Architect
  • Teacher on computer topics
  • A writer of technical books, and some fiction for publication in a few years.
  • A gamer: Chess Variants, Eurogames and other face to face games
  • an opinionated, passionate Meyers-Briggs ENTP who researches the heck out of all my opinions but is not shy at expressing them
  • A heavy computer and gadget user on Windows, Mac, Android and Apple iOS.

Some Trivia about me

  • I was born Mark Charles Brown, but legally changed my name in early 20s to match a first name I preferred and my paternal grandfather’s last name.
  • Born in a log cabin (no wait that is Abe Lincoln). I was born in Holy Cross Hospital Silver Spring MD and grew up in Twinbrook / Rockville Maryland.
  • Have lived in Denton, North Carolina, Charlotte NC, and Boiling Springs, SC. Currently live slightly south of Baltimore Maryland.
  • 2 of my kids go to school in Suginami-Ku Tokyo. They come back to US 3 times a year (Summer, Christmas/New Year and Spring break) when they have a school vacation.
  • I am a dance skater, took lessons at Congressional Roller Rink before my teen and got decent at it despite my massive clumsiness

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